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Alberto captures the youthful energy of life's most spontaneous moments, bringing the viewer to a familiar place of happiness. From the vivid colors in his lifestyle images and Portrait work to his truthful and compelling advertising, celebrity and editorial spreads, he captures something unique and exceptional in each of his subjects.


My journey began before I did — in Cuba, where my grandparents and mother were born.

During the Cuban Revolution, they migrated to Bogota Colombia, the City I was Born inn.
I owe my attention to detail to my grandfather, but it was my mother who gave me my first camera.

During my last semester while studying marketing and advertising in Colombia, I discovered the power of an image and how brands can develop a connection to their consumers through this incredible tool.
So, after the first week of photography classes and before starting an exciting career in the advertising field, I decided to adopt my grandfather’s Olympus camera and focus on becoming a professional photographer. 

just days after finishing all my credits, I decided to move to the US to start my journey as a photographer. 

I got my first break in the photography business when, without any experience, I landed a job as a full-time assistant for Jim Fiscus. While working with Jim, I learned so much about the industry — both on and off the set. More importantly, I learned to be humble and to treat everyone around me with the respect they deserve. I left Jim’s studio after three years, with a wealth of knowledge, great friends, and a strong portfolio which allowed me to start building my own client list.

Throughout my journey, I’ve been fortunate to work with athletes, models, new faces, old faces, celebrities, cultures and colors — all while finding new inspiration in each project. 

As far as my advertising career, I’ve never held a full time job as a creative at an ad agency. But I consider myself unbelievably lucky to work with some of the best agencies and creatives in the industry.

As of today, I still have yet to pick up my diploma from the Advertising School in Colombia.
But today, I can say I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with innovative creatives and agencies around the world — translating briefs into images that help brands connect with their audiences through unique, inspirational, and motivational work. 

Whether the shoot takes place in a studio, a remote Location, or what the subject matter is — at this point of my career, I feel well rounded enough to apply my own vision and style to any brand.
I love the whole creative process — from the initial creative call to the post-production stages.
To me, it’s all about a great process, where simple concepts and ideas can be elevated through creative collaboration. 

I consider myself a New Yorker at heart. This city made me who I am.
Here, I met my incredible wife Kathy. My son Cristiano was born in Brooklyn.
Due to my work, I get to travel there often — so the concept of home makes more sense in worlds just by saying
Home it is the place where the three of us are at the moment. 




Adidas, Altoids, American Airlines, Champion,  Citi Bank, Coca Cola, College Board, Coors Light, Diageo, Direct TV, Extra Gum, For Eyes, Gillette, McDonald's, Miller Lite, Nativo, Ocean Spray, OFF!, Pearle Vision, Sprite, Talkspace, Virgin Voyages, Walmart, Wrangler Jeans, Ziploc.


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